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We think like our customers.

Our key to success.

We have what you want.

Are you working in the electrical wholesale trade, in mechanical and plant engineering or in the transport industry and looking for a reliable partner that delivers cables and wires to you from stock virtually anywhere in the world, in virtually all profiles and individual lengths? In which case you should talk to us. We are renowned and esteemed in the market as a specialist wholesaler for cables and wires, and have been for many years.

The key to our success lies in the specialization. Cables and wires are our business. We are at home in this field. And we are not just relying on our own opinion in saying so, but also on what our clients and partners tell us. Only this way can we consistently adapt our products and our service to the customers’ needs and market. This accords with our self-conception as a dynamic service provider.

High product availability meets strong range.

We number amongst the largest cable distributors in Europe – and have done for over 53 years. And because we have been in this business so long, we also know what is important to our clients. We are aware of the decisiveness of immediate product availability and an extraordinary product range. Which is why we keep over 4,500 different articles permanently in stock on more than 189.000 m². The benefits for our clients: minimized risk, no capital commitment, no risk of theft, no valuation risk. Our business plan is based on this, and this is our strength.

As a full-range trader, we offer the classic electrical wires and cables in various profiles. This includes high voltage cables, medium voltage cables and wires, halogen-free safety cables and wires, installation wires, communication cables and wires, control cables, data and electronic cables, fibre-optic cables, bus lines and drag chain cables. Your advantage: no need to hold own stocks.

We are particularly proud of our fully automatic high-bay warehouse at the Fichtenau location, by the way. Particularly because it has enabled us to further expand our storage capacity to offer our customers an even more extensive product portfolio.

We assure our high quality standards by regular and intensive quality inspections. We are certified in keeping with ISO 9001, as are our partner plants. Our products are certified and approved in keeping with VDE, UL, CSA and GOST-R, amongst others.

There is no such thing as impossible.

You are looking for special or customized cables? Our “Special Cable” task force really comes into its own when it comes to procuring the right article for you.

We are also there for you where individual cut lengths, shipments abroad or special packaging is concerned.

Many industries. One mission.

We aim to always find the best solution for our customers. Be it in the electrical wholesale trade, energy industry, manufacturing industry or transportation – we know the particularities and requirements of the various business segments like the back of our hand. And if you should ever find yourself at a loss as to what to do, we’ll stand by you with help and advice.

No mountain too high. No way too far.

We ship our products all around the world from two logistics locations in Germany. In doing so, we are combining internationality with the flat hierarchies and short routes of a dynamic and personally managed, mid-sized company in an ideal fashion. Optimal conditions for consistent top performance. We garner top ratings for our delivery reliability and adherence to schedules in the supplier assessments of our customers, and are regarded as an A-supplier in the industry.

We gladly tackle the challenges arising from the various requirements of our clients. We are flexible and fast. This helps us also ensure short delivery times if external circumstances should be less than favourable. Construction site deliveries arrive just in time and exactly to your specifications, irrespective of the construction progress or time restrictions for incoming deliveries.

We will provide you with your goods in the quality and quantity you require at the agreed date and time. All enabled by our smart logistics.

Strong team – strong service.

You like it uncomplicated and efficient? Which is why you will be dealing with a dedicated consultant in our company who knows you and also what is important to you in orders and deliveries. This will save you time and effort.

The professional consultancy provided by our team of experts numbers amongst our core competences. We always have the suitable solution for your individual requirements on hand. Our Faber team is also there for you when things should get tight. Get in touch. We will take care of your problems. You can depend on that.

Because you can only be a dependable partner for your clients if your suppliers are reliable, too. We will do everything to support you in this.

In some things we don’t brook compromise.

For example where the quality is concerned. Every company lives off satisfied customers. Whether our products and services accord with the customers’ wishes is therefore a central and essential question for us. We bank on top quality and continuously put our products and services to the test in order to guarantee a consistent quality standard. Our suppliers and our workforce are required to meet all quality targets set by all the parties involved, not only to the satisfaction of our customers, but also to safeguard the competitiveness of our company.

Dependable! As a matter of principle.

Even if we have flexibly adapted our company to the market again and again – we have always remained true to our principles. Our company’s history is based on incontrovertible traditions and values that are the foundation of our conduct and our success. Yesterday and today. These principles are our aspiration and commitment at one and the same time. Call us “old school”, but we still consider loyalty and fairness to our customers and partners the best premises for maintaining long-standing business relations.

Who we are.

Faber has numbered amongst the top providers in the cable and wire industry for over 53 years. We convince our customers with high-performing products and tested quality.

We are appreciated for our know-how, our service-orientation and our absolute adherence to delivery dates. Because we find: Nothing is more important than being a strong and dependable partner.


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