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We want only the best for both you and the environment

Quality and environment

We believe that quality is all about respect and appreciation of our customers. Our goal is to help our customers succeed with top-class products, binding commitments and outstanding consulting services, while reducing the impact we have on the environment by acting in a sustainable, environmentally responsible way.

Quality management / technical customer support

Rely on our expertise

Our employees in the Quality Management/Technical Customer Support department work hard to create the necessary conditions so that we can offer you consistently high product quality. However, they will also be there to help you select the right product, or can provide advice on other technical issues. And should you ever have a justified complaint, our professional Complaints Management Team will be glad to assist.

You receive everything in writing, in black and white

We underpin our high-quality standards with certification of our quality management system to ISO 9001:2015 – the firm foundation that ensures we can offer you our products and services with a consistently high level of quality. We also work together exclusively with prestigious manufacturers who attach an equally high level of importance to quality, and we monitor compliance with our manufacturing requirements.

The standards for the German market are, of course, VDE-certified. Many of our products also have international approvals such as the UL, CSA or EAC marks.

Success goes hand in hand with responsibility

We firmly believe that businesses which operate according to environmental and social principles will be more successful over the long term. Faber is certified to ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 50001 (energy management) and also works consistently on sustainable business management.

Sustainable supplier management

A strong partnership with our suppliers and regular supplier audits form the foundation of consistent product and price quality.

Sustainable packaging concepts

We take the use of eco-friendly packaging very seriously to cut both material and energy costs. Defective reels, for instance, are repaired in our reel repair workshop.

Responsible use of resources

Efficient package and consignment optimisation allows shipments to be bundled and ensure cross-delivery packaging and shipment.

Auditing logistics

We regularly compare the performance of our logistics locations against current market requirements and optimise workflows and processes.

Waste prevention and recycling

Proper planning and waste separation allows packaging materials to be reduced and efficiently recycled.

Futureproof jobs

We ensure a healthy and safe working environment, a good work-life balance and provide numerous training opportunities. The Klaus Faber Foundation is responsible to ensure that the business survives over the long term.

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ISO certificates

Thanks to an ISO-certified environmental and energy management system, we ensure that we meet our exacting demands for sustainability and environmentally responsible action.

Quality has a brand: FABER®

The FABER® brand stands not only for consistently high product quality, but also for outstanding service, including product availability along with consistent delivery performance and professional advice.

Your contacts

Feel free to contact our Technology Team with any questions you might need an answer for.

Benjamin BackesQuality management representative
Kevin LafontaineEnvironmental management representative