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Faber DoP finder

Faber DoP finder

Welcome to the Faber DoP finder. We provide this service in order to fulfill the specific requirements of the European Construction Products Directive 305/2011 (CPR) with regard to the provision of Declarations of Power (DoP) for construction products based on harmonized European standards as effective and paperless as possible.

DoP IDs can be found on drum or pallet labels or on the delivery note of the products delivered to you. Please enter this code in the input box. A hit list with the available language versions of DoP is displayed. By clicking on a hit, a PDF document is called up, which you can easily save or print.

Kindly note that:

1. Klaus Faber AG as a wholesaler may have several DoPs for one and the same part number. The specification of the product is not sufficient to determine DoP.

2. Not all of our products are within the scope of CPR.

3. Particularly FRNC products may have different classifications according to CPR for one and the same part number, depending on the manufacturer.

In case of problems or further questions please contact technik@faberkabel.de

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