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Always one step ahead with Faber e-services

Faber is not only a household name for customer-centricity and fast deliveries, but also for technological progress. Our company is connected to various online information and data communication systems to comprehensively and easily provide you with everything you need to know about pricing, availabilities, etc.

Our web services enables you to check stock information online. We provide our product master data as well as up-to-date pricing information in a wide variety of standardised formats. Rounding off our offering is data provision using EPLAN to not only set new standards, but to also consistently enhance the quality of our service.

OCI interface

Using OCI (Open Catalogue Interface) enables you to quickly and easily connect your ERP systems, for example, SAP, to our online shop, helping you to accelerate and optimise your procurement workflows.

OCI is a standardised interface developed by SAP AG to transmit catalogue records from web-based catalogues to ERP systems. It allows you to access Faber’s online shop directly from within your ERP system and transmit shopping basket data from the customer journey to your system. Apart from SAP, many other providers of ERP systems use this interface.


The so-called GTIN (Global Trade Item Nummer), formerly EAN Code, is a number found on any commercial product today. You can use a product’s GTIN code to uniquely identify it on an international level as each barcode is allocated only once, facilitating all ordering processes for you and for us.


BMEcat is a standardised exchange format for catalogue management data and was initiated by BME e. V., the federal association of materials handling, procurement and logistics in Germany. BMEcat creates the basis for easy adoption of catalogue data from a wide variety of data exchange formats, allowing participating companies to significantly reduce their costs by using standardised interfaces to minimise the need for harmonisation on both sides.


The EPLAN Data Portal by solution provider EPLAN is a web-based platform for downloading component data, and includes cable, wire and line data. EPLAN users can download this data and directly add it to their projects. Faber has been providing data on the EPLAN Data Portal since 2015, enabling you to directly integrate our cables with an EPLAN project using a web-based search.


DATANORM is a standardised process for manufacturers, retailers and skilled craft to exchange item/master data. The system is based on record descriptions, which were developed in detail by the DATANORM working team for data communication with the help of professional associations, manufacturers, retailers and software companies.