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Wide range of additional services

Value-added services at Faber

Logistics services are not only an essential part of all our business processes. They are also key to our customers’ satisfaction. In addition to efficient cable logistics, we offer a wide range of other services that provide added value for our customers.

Key facts

Faber stands for perfect cable logistics based on process reliability, high product availability and wide-ranging value-added services. Here are a few key facts relating to logistics services.

Individual cut lengths

Faber cuts cables and wires to its customers’ specific needs. This service allows us to provide the exact amount of cable required and avoid wasting material. The individual cut lengths also enable precise on-site use and help reduce stock levels.

Shipment consolidation

Efficient package and shipment optimisation enables the bundling of shipments and cross-delivery packaging and dispatch. If required, we can provide everything from small connector plugs to large cable reels, all in a single shipment – delivered on time to precisely where you need it.

Special markings

Have your cables, packaging or shipments labelled with individual special markings. This form of labelling can serve various purposes, e.g. better traceability, improved presentation and better assignment and identification at the installation site.

Special packaging

Do you need special packaging to transport your products efficiently and safely? Faber offers solid-wood and Lamiflex lagging. Multi-chamber reels allow up to three cable types to be fitted on one drum to suit individual customer requirements, enable direct stranding on site and save storage space.

Cable assembly

We assemble flexible cables with a conductor cross-section of 16 to 240 mm² (single-core versions up to 300 mm²) for small-scale series. High-quality cable lugs, ferrules, couplings from our own production and plugs from leading manufacturers are used.

Services on delivery

The variety of our delivery services enables us to specifically address the needs of different industries. Our service portfolio includes the provision of pallet trucks or lifting platforms, crane unloading, the selection of different delivery vehicles and scheduled deliveries.

Cable printing

We print cables and wires from a diameter of 3×1.5 mm² with individually selected lettering or company logo. You can, for instance, label construction site cables or other cables to reduce the risk of confusion and, in turn, the risk of accident during use, and to prevent theft.